Luna Lux LLC

We provide Event Design, System Installation, and Technical Labor throughout the Southern California Region. We strive to make your event or space look phenomenal, embodying your creative vision, and marrying it with our technical expertise. Luna Lux was founded on the drive to create stunning and fitting designs for any size event or venue. Our passion and creativity shines through in every step of the process, from conception to execution, and through the final tear down. Luna Lux was founded in the spring of 2012 by Phillip W. Powers and Theodore J. Gordon. They based the company’s foundation off the idea of growing a lighting design firm into a one stop shop for anyone’s entertainment design needs. Since that day Luna Lux has made great strides along that path, and is now able to handle any and all aspects in the fields of lighting, staging, and projections.

Although we specialize in lighting and staging design, we have a large and talented roster of professional designers, operators, and technicians from a wide range of fields, including audio, scenic and projection design. Our close relationships with local Theater Tech and Design programs, and unique internship program, ensure that we are always growing our roster with the most energetic and well trained technicians. We ensure that every Designer and Technician on our roster fully embodies our company values of excellence and professionalism, which shines through in their skill level and work performance.

Our Employees

Phillip Powers

CEO & Co-Founder

Theodore Gordon

CFO & Co-Founder

Sheiva Khalili

Projection & Video Design Lead

Austin Burkett

Personnel Manager

Daniel del Busto

Operations Coordinator

Alif Marchi

Inventory Manager

Tyler DuBovy

Sales & Marketing Manager

Colin Postley

Assistant to CEO